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Brushed Aluminum Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Brushed Aluminum Permanent Self Adhesive Decorative Film

Looking for a way to add some personality to your décor? Look no further than our brushed aluminum permanent adhesive vinyl! This film is perfect for adding a touch of glamor or giving your project a unique look, and it's easy to apply – just make sure you use the right transfer tape!

  • Durability: 3-5 Years Outdoors (Fluorescent Colors life expectancy is 6 months or less outdoors)
  • Adhesive: Clear Acrylic Permanent Pressure Sensitive
  • Thickness: 3mil (76 microns)
  • Cut Settings:  Generally this film can be cut on the same settings as other standard adhesive vinyl film.  We do recommend small test cuts and adjusting pressure accordingly and as required.  
  • Transfer Tape is needed to lift the design or pattern from the kraft paper backer to your sign, cup, wall, car window ect. CLICK HERE for Transfer Tape. 

Note: Life expectancy can vary depending on the harshness of UV exposure.

Cut Limitations: Due to the stiffness of the film, smaller intricate cuts may be difficult to weed and work with, as well as have a lower tolerance for lifting from the surface after applied.  We do not recommend sharp corners or edges as these may perpetuate peeling from the surface, especially if handled.

Due to the stiffness of the film, when unrolled "tunneling" may occur which is when the film lifts from the release liner and bubbles or "tunnels" form.  This can be corrected by simply lifting the film gently from the release liner and gently using a squeegee or other flat edge to lay the film back down prior to cutting. 

Recommend to use with low adhesive cutting mat, weeding hook, high initial tack transfer tape for help

Compatible with most Craft Cutters, Die Cutters, Sign Plotters for art, craft, and hobby use. You will love the fabulous look of the Brush Aluminum Vinyl

A test cut is always recommended.
This is NOT heat transfer vinyl/NOT Printable Vinyl/not work with inkjet or laser printers.
Please note that colors appear slightly different on computer monitors.