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CUSTOM -Ready to Press Sublimation Transfers

Markie B's Tees

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 Ready to ship or pick up in  5 to 10 Business days! Depending on how many orders we have. 

***SUPER IMPORTANT***Your transfers will only turn out as good as the files you use. Print Ready- Your order will be printed exactly as it is uploaded. If you send low-quality, internet-size pictures/files you will receive less-than-ideal transfers. If you are unsure of your file quality, please send me a note BEFORE ORDERING.

-Ideal file type(s): PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG
-File Size / Resolution: 300 dpi
-Do not mirror/reverse your images. (I will do that for you.)
*If you are sublimating substrates that do not require mirroring such as cutting boards etc, please let me know prior to checkout.

If you provide a screenshot of a design on a t-shirt, your transfer will be exactly that, not just the design you want, I recommend Reaching out to make sure we have the file before you send a picture of a shirt. The only exception is a screenshot of one of the shirts R & S Graphics is selling for transfers or as a custom shirt. 

Sublimation Transfer-

  1. It is STRONGLY recommended to trim around your design before pressing. This will ensure no ink is on the edge of the page.
  2. Choose an item that is at least 65% polyester (the higher the better) white or light-colored (sublimation does not print white so to get white in your graphic you must use a white shirt; any white area of the graphic will be the color of the shirt)
  3. Set your heat press at 385-400 degrees F (lower temp for the higher cotton count)
  4. Preheat garment for 5-10 seconds to remove wrinkles and moisture
  5. Place parchment paper inside the shirt in the location of the transfer if your shirt can not be threaded over the lower heat platen. (Prevents bleed through)
  6. Place transfer in the desired location; use heat tape to hold in place if needed
  7. Cover with parchment (baking/butcher) paper (DO NOT USE TEFLON)
  8. Press using medium pressure for 60-70 seconds depending on your heat-press.
  9. Open press slowly to prevent ghosting and carefully (it will be HOT) remove the transfer. 
  10. Ready to wear once the design is completely cool.
  11. Safe to iron on low heat. Cover design with parchment paper to prevent any ink transfer to iron. Wash on cold and tumble dry low or hang dry.

 Your Image will be printed as close to the size you chose as possible, keeping the image in proportion.

 *Printed on StarCraft Paper

*Instructions in the product description.